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Healing Chalk

Healing Chalk

Discover the secret of the Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® - made from the unique chalk deposits in the northeastern part of the picturesque island of Rügen.

Rügen Healing Chalk is a pure and allergen-free natural product, known for its special fineness and large surface area. It consists of approximately 98% Calcium carbonate and has an alkaline pH value of 8.5. Rügen Healing Chalk is registered as a medical product and undergoes regular quality controls in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR).
The Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® falls under the category of peloids. Peloids are defined as inorganic and organic substances that are finely ground or crushed and used in a mud or paste-like consistency for baths and wraps.
Our Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® is your natural partner for healthy skin and relaxation.

Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide®

  • Made from approximately 98% pure
    Calcium carbonate
  • Alkaline pH value of 8.5
  • Pure and allergen-free natural product
  • Registered as a medical product
  • Regular quality controls
  • For external use only

Original Rügener Three Crowns Healing Chalk

Depending on the form of application and intended goal, Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® can have cooling, warming, blood circulation-enhancing, metabolism-stimulating, relaxing, and detoxifying effects. It contributes to maintaining a healthy acid-base balance.

Application of Rügen Healing Chalk in Health and Physiotherapy
Health and Physiotherapy

The application range of Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® is wide-ranging. It is used for the following conditions:

  • Muscle tension and joint discomfort
  • Rheumatic conditions
  • Strains, bruises (sports injuries)
  • Neuralgia (nerve pain, e.g., in cases of herniated discs)
  • Lymphatic congestion and swelling
  • Post-operative treatments

Application of Rügen Healing Chalk in Wellness and Health Prevention
Wellness Area and Health Prevention

In applications for health prevention and in the wellness area, good experiences have been gathered with the Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® for:

  • Metabolism stimulation
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Both heat and cold applications
Original Rügen Healing Chalk from Rügen
Packaging Sizes and Sources of Supply

The Original Rügener Dreikronen­–­Heilkreide® is available in the following packaging sizes: 25 kg, 3 kg, and 1 kg
The distribution of the healing chalk is done through distribution partners.

Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann closely cooperates with the Verein Rügener Heilkreide e.V., which aims to make the Rügen Healing Chalk more accessible to a broader audience. The association has experienced physiotherapists who are capable of addressing specific queries regarding the application of the healing chalk and ensuring its correct execution. Additionally, the association offers further training events that provide both theoretical background knowledge and practical exercises for using the healing chalk, aiming to achieve the optimal effects of this natural product.

naturally pure ecological chalk lime as sport field chalk

Sport Field Chalk

Another specialized product produced at our locations is sport field chalk. It consists exclusively of pure chalk obtained from marine algae deposits. This chalk is gently processed by drying and grinding, resulting in a natural, non-corrosive, and pH-neutral product.

Due to the nature and structure of the chalk, there are no difficulties in applying it with standard marking machines.

Our sport field chalk complies with the guidelines of the German Football Association (DFB) as excerpted from the official DFB announcements No. 11/1982 "... It is therefore recommended to use only fully "bound" lime, i.e., Calcium carbonate or ground limestone (chalk), for marking or lining soccer fields."

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