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Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Werk Söhlde


Each plant within the group produces specific qualities. The chalk stone in Söhlde is processed in a dry manner. The micro-Söhlde fine chalk produced is distinguished by its large specific surface area. Within the group, the Söhlde plant holds a special position in the area of coarse chalk.

Here, high-quality chalk powders and granulated feed-grade limestones are produced. Söhlde fertilizing limestones, optionally with mineral additives, finely ground or as dust-free granules (known as Granukal), complete the product range.

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Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Verwaltung Söhlde


The main administration is located in the center of Söhlde.

From here, the Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann GmbH & Co. KG group of companies, including its subsidiaries, is centrally managed.

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Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Werk Lägerdorf


In Lägerdorf, the extracted chalk is washed to create a very fine, white material. Premium products like "Nordkrone" and "Nordweiss" are particularly suitable for customers requiring fillers with high whiteness levels.

Our customers in the paper industry are supplied with "tailor-made" slurry qualities from Lägerdorf. Another focus lies in the production of granulated chalk limes, which are successfully used as fertilizers in agriculture, forestry, gardening, and landscaping.

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Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Werk Rügen


Chalk is also wet processed in Klementelvitz on the island of Rügen. The ultra-fine, white material is primarily used in products that require raw materials with high particle fineness and low electrical conductivity.

Due to its amorphous structure and the resulting high reactivity, fertilizing limes from Rügen are highly valued in agriculture and forestry.

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Environment & Quality

Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Umweltmanagement

Environmental Management


Practicing environmental protection is more than just complying with legal obligations for our company.
With the implementation of an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001, we aim for continuous reduction of adverse environmental impacts.

Environmental Policy

The company

  • is committed to continuous improvement of environmental performance by setting environmental objectives and regularly reviewing progress achieved.
  • will conserve natural resources through responsible use of raw materials and energy.
  • will minimize environmental impact in its activities, considering effects on air, water, soil, fauna, flora, and, importantly, people and their communities.

Service Certificates

Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann - Qualitätsmanagement

Quality Management


The term Quality Management not only refers to the technical quality of our products but also encompasses a comprehensive quality performance concept for every process and service.

Quality Policy

  • The implemented quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001 serves our companies in the continuous improvement of quality assurance, taking into account the gathered experience.
  • Adherence to the quality criteria for meat and meat products in the "Feed Industry" stage for production and trade has been certified by auditpartner GmbH.

Service Certificates

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