Limestone Powders as Building Materials

Limestone Powders in Road Construction

Limestone Powders for Road Construction

Road construction without limestone powder as a filler is scarcely imaginable. Roads must not only be durable but also withstand frost and weather-related stresses.

During the production of the road surface, asphalt binder and asphalt wearing course constitute the final layers of the road structure. The exceptional adhesive properties of limestone powder and bitumen contribute to this process.
Our limestone powders Calciumcarbonate 15® and Calciumcarbonate 5 R® are employed in these bituminous base and binder layers.

Calcium carbonate 15®

Calcium carbonate 5 R®

Key characteristics of our limestone powders include:

  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Consistent fineness
  • Light color
  • Dried and ready for use
  • Available in bulk or big bags
  • Certified as filler for asphalt according to EN 13043
  • High availability throughout the year

Limestone Powders as Construction Materials VKD
Concrete Additive BETOSÖHL

Concrete Additives

Classical architecture or modern skyscrapers? Lime is the essential binding element in the construction industry, providing stability and strength.

In addition to its exceptional color fastness and uniformity, BETOSÖHL® maintains consistently stable chemical and physical properties. It achieves a filling effect by reducing pore depth in the cement, thereby improving bulk density.
Its high fineness and specific surface area of at least 6,000 Blaine contribute to increased volume in the concrete, while the rough particle surface of the chalk enhances its integration in the hydration process.

BETOSÖHL® is certified as an aggregate for concrete in compliance with DIN EN 12620 standards and fulfills the criteria set by Materialprüfstelle Dr. Moll, Isernhagen.


Advantages of BETOSÖHL:

  • Certified according to DIN EN 12620
  • High color fastness and color consistency
  • High availability regardless of seasonal influences
  • Absolutely stable chemical and physical properties
  • Reduction of pore volume in cement (filling effect)
  • Improvement of bulk density
  • Increase in early and final strength
  • High water retention capacity
  • High fineness and specific surface area (min. 6,000 Blaine), achieving a filling effect in cement
  • Rough particle surface of the chalk enhances integration in the hydration process


Concrete Additive BETOSÖHL by VKD
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